How do I delete my Mercusys account?

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We understand there are times when you want your Mercusys account deleted, along with any information associated with the account. We're happy to assist!

However, before we help you delete your Mercusys cloud account, it is important to first understand the consequence of performing such action. When you delete your cloud account (e.g. Mercusys app,, etc.), you will permanently lose all metadata that is associated with the cloud resources, and you will no longer be able to revert them or restore any cloud-specific metadata even if you re-register the cloud again with the same cloud account credentials.

But if you don’t own a Mercusys device any longer and you are sure to delete your Mercusys cloud account completely, please follow the steps to submit your deletion request.


Note: If you forget the password of your Mercusys ID, please find it first via Mercusys APP.


Step1. Please access the page of our official website:


Step2. Read the note and click the “Continue”.



Step3. Type in your Mercusys Account username and Password.



Step4. After you enter the correct account information and you will see an email confirmation prompt. Click the “Send Verification Email” to continue.

If you didn’t see the email, please click the “Resend” button to try again.



Step5. After you receive the email from our system, click the verify button within 30 minutes. Then will see the Verified page.


Step6. Go back to this page to click the “Verified &Continue” button.


Step7. Please read carefully this information and tick the option and go to the next.


Step 8. Please finish the survey and go next. If you really want to delete it, please click the “Permanently Delete Account”.

Your account will be deleted within 72 hours.