Why cannot the adapter detect the 5G Wi-Fi of my router?

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Case1: Can not see any 5G Wi-Fi.


The old wireless adapter that doesn't support 5G installed on your computer may affect the 5G Wi-Fi broadcasting of the Mercusys wireless adapter, so if you are unable to see the 5G Wi-Fi, please follow the steps below to disable the old wireless adapter:

To disable the other adapters, please click the WIN on the keyboard, then input the network. Open the View Network Connection. Then check the Wi-Fi list again whether you can see the 5G Wi-Fi or not. If not, please go to case2.




Case 2:Cannot see the 5G Wi-Fi of your router


If you have an old wireless adapter, please disable it first to check if it's working.

If the same story, please do the following troubleshooting:

 Open the management page of your main router, go to the wireless settings and change the channel of 5G Wi-Fi to 36. Then check the Wi-Fi list again. Here we take the Mercusys router as an example


It might be affected by DFS, for the details, please refer to: