General Config

    Easily upgrade the common configuration of devices to the default settings according to your requirements.


    Specific Config

    Set specific configurations for individual devices one at a time. Effortlessly configure different settings with an individual network name and password for each router.


    Logo and Favicon Config

    Change the configuration page with your own logo and favicon that you want to display.


    Easily Apply Settings to Multiple Devices

    Apply customized default configurations via batch mode to multiple devices at once—no specialized equipment required.


    Keep New Defaults in Devices

    Once the config process is completed, the settings will become the “new default.” Even if you press the reset button, devices will return to the settings you configured. This allows Service Providers to quickly create a custom product and permanently save the settings on the device.

Configuration Process

  • Step 1


    Preparing for configuration

    Preparing Equipment Installing
    Agile Suite

  • Step 2


    Configuration Files

  • Step 3


    Upgrading the Devices

Supported Models


*These Models support Agile Config 1.1.

**These models support Agile Config 2.0.

Please note the corresponding version.


AgileConfig 1.1 supports management using AgileConfig 1.1 software tools  or using AgileConfig 2.1 software tools  (only global.bin and mac.bin)

For more information,please email our Technical Support Center (EN): support.sa@mercusys.com