What should I do if I cannot install the driver of Mercusys Network Adapter in Windows computer?

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This article will introduce some troubleshooting methods when you fail to install the driver of the Mercusys network adapter on windows computers.


Case1. Unable to run the setup wizard

If you have installed the old driver before and want to update it to the latest, you need to first uninstall the old driver totally from your computer and then reinstall the new driver.

1. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program, find the Mercusys adapter driver, and then uninstall it, as the following picture.

2. Run the installation file “setup.exe” to install the new driver.

3. If this driver cannot be installed, please try to scan your PC and see whether it has virus.


Case 2. Cannot detect the adapter

Step1. Go to Computer Management>Device Manager>Network Adapter.


a. Please check on the Network adapter and the Universal Serial Bus controllers or others option, If the adapter shows up, install the driver.

b. if the adapter is not there, plug the adapter into another USB port/PCI slot.

Step2. Install the adapter on another computer to see if it can be detected.

Step3.Remove the checkbox before "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power", click OK to return, and then restart the computer after modifying the properties of each USB RootHub. USB devices can resume a stable operation.

Step4. Right-click on My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager, double-click on "Universal Serial Bus Controller" to go to several "USB Root Hubs", double-click on any one to open the Properties dialog and switch to the" Power Management" tab.


Case 3. Fail to install driver

Step 1. Make a sure the operating system of your computer is compatible with the adapter.

Step 2. The adapter appears on Device Manager.

Step 3. Uninstall anti-virus software and disable the firewall if any.

Step 4. Try install it in safe mode. FAQ809

Step 5. Install it on another computer if possible.

Step 6. Try to manually install the adapter. FAQ265


Case 4. Error code pops up on the Device Manager catalog after installing driver

If you come across an error code on the Device Manager catalog, please uninstall the old driver on the Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Try download the latest driver from the Mercusys official website and reinstall it again.

 We recommend that you can try to enter the safe mode to install the driver.(You may refer to the FAQ809)

And also you can try to manually install the adapter. FAQ265

For more information about error code, you could refer to this article provided by Microsoft:



Case 5. Blue screen

Please follow this link to do some troubleshooting.



Case 6. Cannot use other devices after installation Devices include the mouse, keyboard, etc.

1) Try different USB ports/PCI slots.

2) Please help us check the driver version of the adapter and computer motherboard info and send us the photos: