How to find the hardware version on a MERCYSYS device.

Some MERCUSYS devices may have more than one hardware version.  For example, a name ending with V1, V2, etc. You can check the hardware version on the product label or on the device’s web management page.


  •  Find the hardware version on the product label

Turn over the device so you can see a label on the back or bottom of the unit.  Look for a character string next to the serial number, the looks like: “Ver: X.X” or “V: X.X”.  This is the hardware version of the device.  



  •  Find the hardware version via the web management page
  1. Launch a web browser, visit and log in with the password you set for the device.
  2. Go to Advanced-> System Tools-> Firmware Upgrade or Advanced-> System -> Firmware Update. Find “Hardware Version”, you can see the model and the hardware vX.X or X.X