About us

The Mercusys mission is simple. We strive to offer excellent internet access to as many people as possible. We believe that, in an increasingly connected world, everyone should have access to the tremendous wealth of information and entertainment that is available today. Mercusys is committed to being your trusted partner and broadening your horizons to include the infinite potential for valuable human connections that the internet provides.

Mercusys specializes in providing the essential devices that form the backbone of your connected life. A wide and steadily growing array of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi adapters, repeaters, access points, and SOHO switches help you get the most out of your internet connection and turn your home or small office into a thriving epicenter of connectivity.

Our philosophy emphasizes the central role of research and development in creating products that have the power to improve daily life. Mercusys is home to a large team of dedicated research and development engineers with years of experience. We cooperate with leading technical professionals from around the world and develop innovative products through our partnerships with renowned chipset manufacturers, including MediaTek and Qualcomm.

Mercusys has a strong commitment to excellence, a vast global network, and a dream of enriching lives through better connections. We are proud to offer the stable, high quality products that put you in touch with the digital world and help you enjoy a more fulfilling online experience.


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