Frequently Asked Questions for Mesh

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Q1. What can I do if the login window does not appear?

a. If the computer is set to a static IP address, change its settings to obtain an IP address automatically.

b. For the first-time configuration, make sure you are accessing the web management through the wireless connection.

c. Verify that is correctly entered in the web browser.

d. Use another web browser and try again.

e. Reboot your main router and try again.

f. Disable and enable the network adapter in use again.


Q2. What can I do if I cannot access the internet?

a. Check if the internet is working properly by connecting a computer directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable. If it is not, contact your internet service provider.

b. Reboot your main router and try again.

c. Open a web browser, enter and run the Quick Setup again.

d. For cable modem users, reboot the modem first. If the problem still exists, log in to the web management page of the router to clone MAC address.