Fail to setup the main Halo of MERCUSYS Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router

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You may encounter one of the following problems, or an error code appears during the basic configuration of the main Halo, when you have the problems, please refer to the below suggestions to do some troubleshooting.

Note: If you try all the troubleshooting but the Halo is still not working, you may try to change another Ethernet cable from the Main Halo to your modem router.


LED on the main Halo is abnormal

1. LED is not pulsing blue

Find the RESET button at the bottom of the Halo, press it for one second, and then release it, the LED on the main Halo will turn yellow, then wait for 2 minutes till the LED turn pulsing blue.

2. LED is off

Change the power adapter and power socket to have a try. It could be an issue with the Halo unit, the power adapter, or the power socket.

If the above suggestions can’t solve your problem, it’s suggested to contact Mercusys support.


Get stuck on finding the default Wi-Fi name of Halo or can’t connect to the default Wi-Fi name

Note: this step is only available on Halo H50G, and H30G.

1. Reset the Halo by pressing the bottom reset button for 1 second.

2. Reboot your phone, turn off the Wi-Fi/WLAN on the phone and turn it back on; try a different phone.

3. Check if the phone has a VPN program running. If yes, please disable the VPN program for a try.

4. Set a different Halo work as the main Halo.


Get stuck on “Looking for Halo” Error code: We couldn’t find Halo.

1. Move the phone closer to the main Halo. Make sure the phone has connected to the Halo Wi-Fi and has a valid IP address.

2. Force to close the Halo app (do not let the Halo app run in the background), and then launch the app to configure the main Halo again.

3. Use another Halo unit as the main Halo, use a different phone to configure Halo if you have one.


Get stuck on “Detecting Internet Connection Type ” Error Code: It Looks like Halo is not properly connected.

1. Confirm the wired connection between the main Halo and the modem is fine.

2. Use a different Ethernet cable to connect the modem and main Halo, change the LAN ports on the modem for a try.

3. Change the port on the Halo for a try, or connect a different Halo to the modem, then set up the Halo network again.


Get stuck on “Creating Wi-Fi network” Error Code: Failed to create Wi-Fi network

Get stuck on “Connect to your Wi-Fi network” Error Code: Failed to connect to XXXX (new Wi-Fi name)

Check the LED status on the main Halo, if the LED is solid white, it means the Halo has been set up successfully.

You can force the Halo app to close, go to the Settings -> Wi-Fi page of the phone to connect to the Halo Wi-Fi network or new Wi-Fi network.

Check whether the phone has a VPN program running or not. If yes, please disable the VPN program, and then tap “Try Again” in the Halo app.


Get stuck on “Test Internet Connection” Error Code: Unable to connect to the Internet

1. Tap “Skip This Step” on the bottom of the error page, on the Halo app, click on More->Advanced->IPv4, check the WAN IP address of the Halo and change the DNS server to for a try. 

 2. Connect a computer to the modem directly, and check whether the computer has internet access, if there is no internet access on the computer, it’s suggested to contact ISP.

If the computer has internet access, use the same Ethernet cable and the same port on the modem to connect to the main Halo, then check whether the Halo will work or not.

3. If you have an old router, connect your network devices as modem-old router-main Halo, then set up the main Halo. After the main Halo is configured successfully, connect the main Halo to the modem directly and enjoy the internet with Halo.

4. Please try to follow this data to see any help.

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If the above suggestions can’t solve your problem, it’s suggested to contact Mercusys support.