Fail to setup the Satellite Halo of MERCUSYS Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router

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We may encounter one of the following problems, or an error code appears during the configuration of Satellite Halo, when you have the problems, you can refer to the below suggestions to do some troubleshooting.

Before we configure the Satellite Halo, please confirm your phone is connected to the existing main Halo Wi-Fi network.

LED on the Satellite Halo is abnormal

1. LED is not pulsing blue

Find the RESET button at the bottom of the Halo, press it for one second, and then release it, the LED will turn yellow, then wait for 2 minutes till the LED turns pulsing blue.

2. LED is off

Change another power adapter and power socket to have a try. It could be an issue with the Halo unit, the power adapter, or the power socket.


When you connect to the main Halo Wi-Fi

Error Code: We couldn’t find Halo

1. Move your smartphone closer to the Satellite Halo unit you're trying to add, move the Satellite Halo unit next to the Main Halo, reboot the Main Halo.

Make sure the Satellite Halo unit is powered on and the LED is pulsing blue. If not, reset the Satellite Halo by pressing the RESET button for one second.

Then wait for 2 minutes till the main Halo is working and the LED is pulsing blue on the Satellite Halo, try to add the Satellite Halo again.

2. Connect the Satellite Deco unit to the Main Deco by an Ethernet cable, then try to add the Satellite Halo again.

3. Unplug the Halo with the modem, connect the Satellite Halo instead, and refer to the link to create a new Halo network for the Satellite Deco, after se tup the Satellite Deco successfully, update the firmware of the Satellite Halo to the latest version, then reset the Satellite Halo, and add it to the existing Halo network.


Error code: Failed to connect to XXX (The Wi-Fi name of the Halo network).

1) Disable the VPN program on the phone if there is one.

If you have a VPN connection running on your phone, please disable it temporarily during configuring the Satellite Halo as it will block the communication between the phone and the Halo network.

Some security applications such as Lookout and AdGuard, are working based on VPN as well. In this case, you will need to force to close these applications to avoid any possible problems.

2) Update the Halo app to the latest version.

3) Ensure the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network of the main Halo.

4) Try on a different phone.


Get stuck on “Testing connection/optimizing the network”.

1. Reset the Satellite Halo (find the RESET button at the bottom of the Halo, press it for one second and then release), disconnect main Halo from modem, power off and on both main Halo and modem, wait a few minutes till modem completes reboot.

Then connect Satellite Halo to Main Deco via Ethernet cable, and connect main Halo back to modem via Ethernet cable, configure the Satellite Halo again.

2. Unplug main Halo, connect Satellite Halo to the modem instead. Refer to the link to create a new Halo network for the Satellite Halo, if it succeeds, reset the previous main Halo and add it to the new Halo network.



If above suggestions are not working, it’s suggested to contact Mercusys Support.