Can I use Halo with my existing router?

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Halo can be used with an existing router. Here are two typical connection structures.

Topology 1:


Note: When Halo works in Router mode, it’s not suggested to connect more than 1 halo unit to the existing router directly, as it may cause a network loop.

When Halo works in Access Point mode, it’s no problem to connect more than 1 Halo unit to the existing router directly.

Topology 2:                       


Here are several frequently asked questions


Q1: Can I set the Halo Wi-Fi name and password to be the same as my existing router?

When Halo works with an existing router, it is suggested to turn off the router's Wi-Fi network and use Halo's Wi-Fi network instead to minimize the wireless interference.


Q2: Can I connect Halo wirelessly to an existing router to extend my existing Wi-Fi network?

Halo doesn't support Repeater mode, only Router and Access Point modes are available.

In the Halo network, the main Halo must be wired to a modem, router, or an internet cable to get internet access. In other words, Halo cannot be set up to connect to an existing router wirelessly. However, the satellite Halo can connect to the existing Halo network wirelessly.


Q3: Do I need to set up my existing router to bridge mode if my router is a combination of modem & router?

Halo works well with a modem router, however, it’s suggested to configure the modem router in bridge mode to avoid some technical problems, such as double NAT.