What can I do if the internet connection is unstable when connected to the MERCUSYS Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Network?

This article will explain how we can troubleshoot if the internet connection is unstable when connected to the mercusys whole home mesh Wi-Fi network.


Case 1. The Main Router is unstable:

1). Power cycle your home network

Power off the modem and main unit, and power on both devices again. Then check if the internet connection will become stable.

2). Check the Internet connection

Disconnect the main router from the modem, then connect a computer to the same Ethernet port on the modem with the same Ethernet cable. After that, check if the computer has a stable connection. If the computer experiences an unstable issue as well, we recommend contacting your ISP for a check.

3). Exchange the sequence of these units

Set the slave unit as the main router, then check whether the Internet will become stable.

4). If the above steps cannot solve your problem, you may need to reset these units and set up again.

Case 2. Slave unit is unstable

1). Power cycle the mesh system

Power off all the units. Then turn on the main router at first, when it shows a green light, turn on the slave unit and check if it will become stable.

2). Move it closer to the main router

The slave unit may be too far away from the main router, or there are too many obstacles between the main router and slave unit, causing that the mesh connection is unstable. In this case, move it closer to the main router may be a good method.

3). Swap locations

If you have more than one slave unit and the issue occurs only on one of the units, then please try to swap the locations of the slave units. In this case, we can easily judge whether it's a location issue or an issue with a specific unit. If it's a location issue, then it's recommended to change the location for a check. If it’s an issue with the slave unit itself, we recommend contacting our support team directly.

4). Set it as the main router

5). If all of the above steps cannot work, you may need to do a factory reset and re-configure them again.

Case 3. The certain device is unstable

If you find that only one or several certain devices have an unstable connection, then please refer to the tips below for a check.

1). Update the driver

The driver of the network adapter of the device may be too old. In this case, update the driver will fix the problem. Try to contact the device support if you don't know how to update it.

2). Power off and then power on the device again for a try

3). Check the IP address

There may be more than one DHCP server in the network except for our router. In this case, the device may obtain an invalid IP address from the other DHCP server and lose Internet connection.

To figure out what's the issue, please kindly check the IP address on the device and confirm if the main router assigns it. If not, please track and remove the device which is acting as a DHCP server from your network to avoid any possible network problems.