MERCUSYS End-of-Life Policy


Products have lifecycles and eventually leave the market for various reasons, like when people stop wanting them, new technology comes out, or better products are made. When a product is being taken off the market, MERCUSYS helps customers switch to other options with their end-of-life policy. This policy helps people understand how MERCUSYS can help them move to other platforms and technologies with high-quality products and services.

This policy applies to MERCUSYS's hardware, software, and combinations of software and hardware, which are all called products. This policy does not apply to products whose lifecycles have already ended. Refer to MERCUSYS End of Life Products to check the full list.

Policy Details

MERCUSYS will tell customers the end of marketing (EOM) date and migration options on MERCUSYS's website or get notifications through MERCUSYS Notification Service. When a product reaches its EOM date, MERCUSYS will not accept new orders for it. MERCUSYS will fix hardware and replace parts according to the official warranty and replacement policy. MERCUSYS’s Customer Service Center (CSC) will help customers according to the official warranty and replacement policy. If something goes wrong after the end of service (EOS) date or the agreed warranty service expiration date, MERCUSYS will help within the scope of its abilities, but MERCUSYS will not pay for any legal problems.

MERCUSYS's software release support works like this: Before a software release's EOS, MERCUSYS suggests that customers upgrade to the latest release. After a software release's EOS, MERCUSYS will not help with anything, including fixing bugs and security problems. Customers may need to upgrade to a new software release to get maintenance and support services.

MERCUSYS can't promise that products or software (including third-party software or open-source software) and systems or networks that use MERCUSYS products or software are free of security problems. MERCUSYS can't promise to fix all security problems that they find. Partners who sell MERCUSYS products need to tell their distributors or end-users everything they know about MERCUSYS products' lifecycles.

Definitions and Acronyms

  • End of Marketing (EOM): the date after which MERCUSYS won't take orders for the product.
  • End of Service and Support (EOS): the date after which MERCUSYS won't help with the product anymore.
  • Product: a collection of hardware and software that does business functions and services.
  • Software release: a group of software that is released separately and does certain things.