How to place your MERCUSYS Range Extender for optimal reception and performance

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1. Distance

When there are no obstacles and the router’s signal remains strong at a distance of 40 feet (providing speeds like 100Mbps in 5G or 50Mbps in 2.4G), it is recommended to place the Range Extender (RE) with an external antenna at a distance of about 25-35 feet. For the RE with internal antenna, it is preferable to place it at a distance of 20-30 feet, which is typically the ideal location for the RE.

In cases where there are walls or obstacles between the RE and the main router, it is advisable to follow the Example provided at the end of this article for proper placement of the RE.

2. Raise the Range Extender

Place the RE at a similar height as the main router which is usually about 4-5 feet high. The same height will help the extender receive a better signal from the main router, and ensure the mobile devices getting a better signal from the extender as well.

Try placing the RE on the bookcase, shelf, or other location with suitable height, instead of putting RE on the floor or corner.

3. Put the Antenna Vertically

Please ensure the antenna is placed vertically to the ground, so that the RE can receive and transfer data at best status.

4. Placing Direction

Place the extender in such a way that it faces the router as much as possible. When the front side of the extender directly faces the main router, it allows the extender’s antennas to receive and broadcast the signal effectively. This configuration also ensures that clients located behind the extender can receive faster speeds.

5. Avoid Obstacles

When selecting a location for your extender, avoid objects that will either reflect the signal (mirrors or large pieces of metal) or absorb it (walls, cabinets, or masonry supports). It's better if the router and extender are within line of sight.

Another big disruptor of Wi-Fi extenders is stray radio-frequency signals from other electronics such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, refrigerators, or even baby monitors, which emit strong interference to the Wi-Fi signal.

6. Power Strip

At last, it’s better to plug the RE into a Power Strip, so that you can easily adjust the RE’s height, antennas angle, direction or even the distance as the previous suggestions.

7. AP mode

When obstacles cannot be avoided or the distance between the router and RE is too long to establish a stable wireless connection, an alternative solution is to position the RE near the location requiring Wi-Fi signal. By running an Ethernet cable from the router to the RE, the RE can be switched to Access Point mode, guaranteeing a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal for devices in that area.


Posture Example:

As the following picture showed, it’s recommended to place the RE facing towards the Router; It’s also better when there are fewer Obstacles; and also keep them at a height of 4-5 feet like on a normal desktop.

As the following picture showed, we may put the antenna up to get it perpendicular to the Ground with the help of the Power Strip.


Error Case:


Position Example:

Due to the obstruction caused by the wall and the increased distance, we are only able to receive a maximum speed of 50Mbps when directly connected to the main router in this room. However, by utilizing a range extender, we may achieve speeds of around 100Mbps from the extender in this location and then extend the network to other areas in the same direction where the extender is placed.