How to configure Access Control on the MERCUSYS Wireless N Router (for MW155R)?

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The wireless N Routers which can provide convenient and strong internet access control function, and can control the internet activities of hosts in the LAN. Moreover, you can flexibly combine the Host ListTarget List and Schedule to restrict the Internet surfing of these hosts.


Mike wants all computers in the house only have access to google on Tuesday, from to

So now we can use the access control function to realize the requirements.


Step 1

Log into MERCUSYS wireless router’s management page. If you are not sure about how to do this, please click How to log into the web-based interface of the MERCUSYS Wireless N Router.

Step 2

Go to System Tools>Time Settings. Set time manually or synchronize it with the Internet or NTP server automatically.

Step 3

Go to Access Control>Rule, you can view and set access control rules.

Go through the Setup Wizard, firstly create the host entry.

(1) Select the IP Address in mode field, then enter a short description in Host Name field. Enter the IP address range of the network which you want to control (IP address range of all devices, i.e., which will be blocked access to the sites you define in the following steps). And Click Save to save the settings.

(2) If you select Mac Address in mode field, then enter a short description in Host Name field. Enter the MAC address of the computer and the format is xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx. And Click Save to save the settings.


Note: As one rule can only add one MAC address, if you want to control several hosts, please click Add New to add more rules.


Step 4

Create the Access Target Entry. Here we select Domain Name, set a “blocked website”, input the full address or keywords of the website you want to block. Click Save.


If you select the IP Address in Mode field, then enter a brief description of the rule you are setting up. And type the Public IP range or specific one which you want to block in IP Address bar. And then type the specific port or range of the target in Target Port bar. And Click Save to save the settings.


Step 5

Create the Schedule Entry, which tells you when the settings will be effective. Here we create an entry “schedule 1”, and select the day and time as below shows. Click Save.


Step 6

Create the rule. Your above settings should be saved as one rule. Here we set the Rule Name as “Rule 1”. And confirm your Host, Target, Schedule and Status.

And finish your settings.


Step 7

Check your settings again and enable your Internet Access Control function.

You will see the following list, which means you have set Access Control rules successfully. This setting means all devices with specific IP/MAC address can access google only during the set time and date.