How to log into the web-based interface of the MERCUSYS Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi router?

Connect the Main Router


Follow the steps below to connect your router. Connect the hardware according to the following diagram. If you have multiple mesh routers, choose one to be the main router first.

If your internet connection is through an Ethernet cable from the wall instead of through a DSL/Cable/Satellite modem, connect the cable directly to either Ethernet port on your router, and follow Step 3 only to complete the hardware connection.

1.Turn off the modem, and remove the backup battery if it has one.

2.Connect the modem to either Ethernet port on the router.

3.Power on the router, and wait for it to start.

4.Turn on the modem.


Login the web interface


1.Connect to the main router wirelessly using the default SSID (network name) printed on the main router’s label.

NOTE: Make sure you are accessing the web management through wireless connection or login window would not appear.

2.Open a web browser and enter the default domain name in the address field to access the web management page.

3.A login window will appear. Create a login password when prompted.

Tips: For subsequent login, use the password you set.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Support Center to download the manual of your product.