How to update the firmware for a Halo device

Some models have multiple hardware versions. Please verify the hardware version of your device. When upgrading uses only firmware for the same hardware version. Wrong firmware upgrading may damage your device and void the warranty.

To check the hardware version of your device, please refer to How to find the hardware version on a MERCYSYS device.


۰Do NOT turn off the power during the upgrade process.

۰Please write down the key settings as a backup before you start to upgrade because after upgrading the old settings may be lost.

  1. Download the latest firmware from the support page of MERCUSYS website at ttps://

  1. Connect to the Halo wirelessly using the default SSID (network name) printed on the label.

3. Launch a web browser, visit, and create a password to log in.

4. Go to Firmware Upgrade, click Browse to locate and select the downloaded firmware file to update to the latest firmware version.