What can I do if my Mercusys Range Extender is unable to detect 5GHz wireless network of my main router?

This Article Applies to:


a. Any 5GHz Wi-Fi is not found when the extender scans for the host Network;

b. The range extender does not detect the main router’s 5GHz Wi-Fi/5Ghz Hotspot Wi-Fi.


Troubleshooting suggestions:

1. Make sure both the router and range extender support the 5GHz Wi-Fi network


2. Locate the range extender closer to the main router during setup. It would be better for you to move it about 2-3 meters away from the main router.


3. Confirm the router's 5Ghz Wi-Fi is working fine and available on other wireless clients (laptops, mobile phones, etc.).

*If the router's 2.4G & 5Ghz use the same SSID, please change a different SSID for 5Ghz to exclude the issue.


4. Change a different 5GHz wireless channel on the main router:

If the main router’s 5GHz channel is set to Auto or between 149-165, change it to a channel between 36-48.

Here takes the Mercusys Router as an example, go to Wireless Settings >> 5GHz >> select a recommended channel, such as 48, then save and reboot the router.

Note: The 5GHz wireless settings will vary on different manufacturers’ routers, please contact your router’s technical support for help.


5. Skip this step and upgrade the range extender’s firmware after configuring the Range Extenders, then rescan the 5G host network on Web UI or App for a try:

For example, log in to Range Extender’s Web UI, go to Wireless, and click ”wireless scanner”.


Notice for the EU Version of the Link Range Extenders:

The range extenders with the EU version, which can be verified by the device bottom sticker, only supports Band 1/2/3, they don’t support Band 4 channels on 5GHz to comply with CE certification in Europe. If your host Wi-Fi is fixed on Band 4 channels, the Mercusys range extender will not see it.

√ Band1: 36-48 (36, 40, 44, 48)
√ Band2: 52-64 (DFS)
√ Band3: 100-140 (DFS)
× Band4: 149-165 (149,153,158,161,165)


If the above tips make no difference to your situation, please contact Mercusys support with the following info:

(1) RE’s model number and hardware, and its firmware version.

(2) Host router/modem’s model number. A screenshot of the system information that includes the device’s hardware/firmware version will be helpful.